I’m born again and new
Pure and holy
Perfect before my Love
Then my friend from the dark creeps in
I love his humour
I love the gifts he presents
I trip, I fall
I’m broken
My Love is heartbroken
I need to make peace with Him
I go to the temple
Weep till I can weep no more
I beg, I plead
I make promises
He listens, and He forgives
Now I’m happy

I’m born again and new
Pure and holy
Precious before my Love
On my way home
I meet my friends from the street
They beckon me to jolly along
I follow, still happy
The place, it’s cynical
The people, they are gory
I’m lured, I fall again
I cry
I find my way to the temple, again
I fall on my knee, pity
My head bowed down, shame
My heart, weary
Will my Love hear me again
Rich in mercy always

I’m born again and new
Pure and holy
Gold before my Love
It’s time for devotion
I’ve got to pray
Tell Him how grateful I am
The phone rings
My other love calls
Huh! Just five minutes
Ok ten, a little more
Day breaks, months
Slowly a year came
No devotion, no prayers
Father says I need God
So I head for the temple
I wonder, I ponder
Now I’m in, all mute
Nothing to say, sorrowful

Then I heard my Love Speak
I love you
For better or worse
Just keep coming here
That’s all I need
Just come, just stay
Then my faith is all renewed
And I’m born again and new.

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