Let’s write our thoughts in the clouds
For the world to read our minds
With the indelibleness of the ink
And the frailty of the sheet
Let’s show them our incomparable candour
We won’t wait for our lives to happen to us
A wise man once said:
“If you find anything that will make you happy, do it!
Because everything else is just background noise”
No one claims to have controlled events
But we do not let that weigh us
We get to walk out in the blaze of glory
To witness for ourselves the splendour we create
One of the greatest achievements of all time
Leave your troubles behind
Cast your shame to the wavering
For he knows no life who knows no warring
Yet! What life is it to live who cannot condone the furnace of his own perils?

Tomorrow is a future promised
But vulgar has taken a jealous stance
Still! We shall arise from the ashes of our unforgiving yesterday
As a phoenix would, we shall rise anew to the glory of our existence!
For the best of tomorrow lies in the betterment of our good today
Forget me not when you get there before I do
I do not call myself a clairvoyant But I will be visiting with diamond petals carpeting my feet.
Oh! The radiance of my presence shall cause the sun sleep.
And blessed would be the ones to dine in my virago!

Love, Sejoah Adania‚ô°

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